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tv   Inside Washington  PBS  December 31, 2010 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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>> what do you think a tree can be? stronger than steel? biodegradeable plastic? fuel for our cars or clothing? or medicine that fights cancer? can our trees sell techo ology nology? we think it can. ♪ >> this has been a season of progress. i will take this message to heart in the new year. >> this week, as the new year
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begins, a gallup poll shows obama is the most admired man in america. his new health care law is another matter. >> repeal this monstrocity. >> is there horsepower in the teaparty movement? >> i am the voice of mainstream america. >> and thoughts on who will oppose him in 2012. plus political screw-ups and the best quotes of 2010. >> come out and debate like a man. tbcaptioned by the national captioning institute >> a year ago, we showed you long lines of unemployed
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americans at ashville, north carolina. the housing market is in bad shape but the washington area is the exception. retail, manufacturing, exports are improving, and the stock market and automobile industry are rebounding. according to a gallup poll, obama is the most admired man in america. is it a rosy 2011? >> i am worried about the public sector. look at european nations going down, breaking up the euro. at home, states in real finanical trouble and the biggest question, is obama going to get the fiscal house of the government in order?
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>> consumer confidenc ie is looking better. we are not out of the woods. most economists see modest growth. the jobless numbers are probably going to stay very high. they will stay high even as we grow because many people may come back into the market. >> colby? >> we will see modest growth in the coming year. we will also see business spending going up. the big problem will be with jobs. this is not going to be at a level that will make him
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comfortable. this will be around 9%, but this will not be around 6 or 7%. >> be happy news for 2011, the republican house. the experiment in hyper- liberalism is over. this means that we will have a couple of years of a debate between larger government and smaller government, the ambitions of the obama social democratic agenda, and the tea party and conservatives shrinking government. this debate will characterize the next two. >> the speaker of the house is john boehner. he will cut the budget by $100 billion. >> the american people will
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watch their congress do something differently. >> the new congress conviences -- comes together ion january 5. how will speaker boehenner shave the budget tof $100 billion? >> the majority has the influence to produce a budget but when we were in the lame- duck session, and they fought over the enhanced medical benefits for the 9/11 emergency workers, this was part of the fights ahead. they had many republicans who
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were tea-party supported. it was $4 billion. the republicans will find it difficult. the republicans will have a good opportunity, they will make judgments on them. it will be a real reality moment. >> hold the line and attack the deficit. can i give you a free lunch? >> it will not be free. i don't think this is what we will talk about. they will come to some agreement on the number. the reduction. the conflict comes from what is on the package. that is where the left-right spolilit takes place.
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this is the short hand. the idea of a deficit reduction takes hold in both parties. >> republicans are going to be selling smoke and mirrors. they will talk bout cutting spending, but not entitle programs, and cutting taxes, but you can't do this. the tea party isn't all wrong but this is a lot of fiction. >> is the tea party the tail that wags the dog? >> liberals love the extremists on one side, the republicans on the other. there is a general understanding of the tea party, we've expanded
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the government and it has to stop. all republicans are united to repeal obamacare. that's $1 trillion. they have to be careful. when gingrich won, they thought they could govern from congress. they thought clinton was irrelevant. if you control the house and senate, it's impossible. if they try to govern, they get smashed. there's no way a minority party with one house will propose this and not get crushed. there will be a backroom deal on this. as happened with the tax cuts in
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the lame duck. >> the republicans will sell a phony vision about cutting discretionary spending and taxes. it is not close. >> if you want to stay up, read about pensions. that will be a lot of fun. let's look beyond our shores. >> we are training our troops to takand the security forces to take over in 2011. >> the target date is 2014. americans are more nervous about this. what is the exitt strategy in afghanistan? >> it is not plausible. there is a great piece in the
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post. a reporter says, he is always amazed by general petraeus's briefings. who do you hand over afghanistan to? >> and what happens in those valleys with the fighting? >> it is limited to kabul. i think the idea of pulling back will happen. by 2014, we could see movement in the next year. the coming year. obama and the country are war- weary. he is looking for a decent way out, not a cut-and-run strategy.
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the u.s. can withdraw easily. it won't happen with the afghanistan as it is now. >> i think there is no clear endgame. i do think general petraeus talks about success, like the surge in iraq. you can regain control of large elements. protect the population. it is important obama has shifted away from withdrawing in 2011. will they leave in six or eight months. they will come in to slaughter my family. putting it off gets more intelligence out of afghans.
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i don't know that you need a pristine government. they've never had an uncorrupt government. >> it is any government. >> look at pakistan and every country in the region. look t that them -- >> but they have a strong army. i don't see the equivalent. >> let's stick with afghanistan. >> i won't pretend to be an expert. >> we're on television. >> that's how scary it is. i won't try to fake it. politically, this is an important issue. this is a big drag on the obama administration when it comes to his base. we saw what happens in the mid-
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terms when the progressives and liberals stay home. he's broken this promise, struggling wtih guantanomo. he made problems that were half- kept or non-kept. this is an increasingly domestic issues. >> charles called the last few years "hyper-liberal." do you agree? >> what i think doesn't matter. if you look at the base, they don't see this this way. they wanted a public option. the consumer agency is not as aggressive against wall street reform. >> veterans understand what is
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happening. you have to position obama as a wild-eyed liberal trying to impose socialism on this freedom-loving country. i would be disappointed if i didn't hear this. >> charles has had favorabel things. i leap to your defense. >> may i leap to my defense? hyper-liberalism. if obamacare is all he's known for, he would be seen as historic for socializing a sixth of the american economy. he turned obamacare. if it remains active, it turns insurance companies to utilities.
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>> we have drifted from foreign policy. >> there was one under-reported story. the virus in the iranian nuclear program by mossad and the cia, setting it back towo years. this means the world has a breather on this issue. it is very urgent. it was as if there was a land attack. this is in a way that would not trigger a war. >> look at wikileadks. ks. they don't have to bomb you. >> sticking with the theme of what isn't covered. the personality of the founder
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has taken over the story. just the volume of the material is startling. what we have yet to see and have learned about, the real impact of all of these recorsds going public. i have not seen a really good assessment of the underlying impact. >> colby, you were in the state department. >> i am dumbfounded this information was so widely available. he had access to this that had nothing to do with iraq. the problem is the information is so widespread, it had to be
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known before. >> the biggest problem is technology as a force multiplier for evil. one or two or three people can have this global impact. it would take a nation state, but now it is one demented person who can affect all our lives. this is scary. >> what if he wanted to shut down the electrical grid? this is the point. the non-state actors, we close out with an incident in denmark. they rounded up some terror suspects. they wanted to create a mumbai incident.
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this problem, a year ago, we were talking about the underwear bomber. we are talking about more terrorist activities. >> in the movies, they figure things out. in the real life, they are disfunctional. i fear the day they get functional. >> we had such a day. 9/11. it worked like clockwork. look at khalid mohammed. he did this with 19 guys. imagine a scale with a weapon of mass destruction. >> let's talk politics and
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bonehead plays. >> if we the people, the patriots who turn it around. >> hillary clinton is the most admired woman, followed by sarah palin and oprah winfrey. will it be mitt romney? >> what do you mean? she is not saying she will be the candidate. her chances are smaller than a half-dozen others. i don't think 1 in 3 will tell you sarah palin can win the presidency or nomination. she has a core constituency. outside of that she is weak. >> why are they against her? >> her negatives are over 50% and she can't win in the general
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election. why run a candidate against a vulnerable candidate. >> do they think she is unqualified? they did in 2008. >> i think we see voices in the republican party saying this. it started with joe scarborough. she is not qualified, he said. we have seen her camp respond to this. she is starting to do more interviews. she is trying to round out her public image. >> here's what i don't understand. she ran with a 72 year old man. he had a history of skin cancer. she could have been president.
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why don't they think she's qualified? >> there is a diabolical scenario. there is so much dissatisfaction, a third party may run, like bloomberg. if he runs, it soaks up the center energy. this leaves the far right wityh thh the nominating process. they nominate palin, and you have a centrist and a democrat. nobody gets 280. who would be president? palin. >> i don't think that will happen. i don't see her as the symbol of the far right. she has a lot of company in the
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republican party. i don't think this is sucha distance from romney or the others. when you say she can't get the nomination, how would she do? >> we don't have a field yet. >> if you go to tthhe states -- >> the republican elites don't like her. they look down their noses at her. >> let's talk about one of the big screw-ups. martha coakley, running for the seat empty after ted kennedy died. she was the favorite. then came this state senator, driving a truck, campaigning in diners and subways and he cleaned her clock.
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hwo diow did the white house let this happen? >> they say the polls moved late and want to blame her for her problems. she was not on top of the game. scott brown read the public -- >> he is in big trouble because he's played a smart washington game. he now has many republicans upset with him. >> he is from massachusetts. he doesn't have a six-year term. >> he may be challenged by the republicans. >> any other foul-ups? >> i thought the democratic party of south carolina.
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they gave us alvin green. but they were beaten bout out by the delaware republicans, who gave us christine o'donnell. the worst candidate of all time. >> let's enjoy the quotes. >> i'm not a witch. >i'm you. >> she defeated mike castle in the primary and lost to thfill joe biden's seat. >> i like joe biden's quote. "a big bleeping deal." >> it was. >> my favorite is the candidate for the new york governorship, "the rent is too high."
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>> the guy with the beard. >> for o'donnell, the creepiest part is 'i am you.' >> it is jimmy macmillan. and sarah palin wants peaceful muslims to refudiate the ground zero mosque. >> to be dull is when obama says he won't kick the problem of the debt down the road. i want to take him at his word. >> meg whitman, when she said the reason she moved to california 30 years ago. she failed to note that 30 years ago jerry brown was the
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governor. >> this is spectacular. bronwn is back. stars of the future? rubio? >> paul ryan will head the budget committee. he knows his stuff. he will be the voice of the republicans on fiscal matters. he will go against obama on these issues. >> marco rubio for vice presidential candidate. >> happy new year. see you next week. >> fior a transcript, go to insidewashington.t
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